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PressToCheck Filters - A2 P3

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PressToCheck Filters - A2 P3

Press To Check™ A2 P3 Filters

How can I be sure I am wearing my mask correctly?
With the new patent pending Force 8™ PressToCheck™ filters you can instantly check that you have the correct face seal every time.

Award winning
JSP® were proud to receive the BSIF Product Innovation Award for our Press To Check™ Filters.
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Benefits & Features

• Daily face-fit reassurance

• Save money vs disposables Click here to calculate your savings

• Compatible with the Force 8™ half-mask & Force 10™ full-face mask.

• High efficiency dust protection Download the semi-disposable selection guide

• Medium Capacity Gas / Vapour protection Download the semi-disposable selection guide

• Protects against - Silica (Force 10™ only), Concrete & stone cutting (Force 10™ only), Plaster (Force 10™ only), Resins, Welding (Ferous & Lead), Hard wood, Soft wood, Fibres & Fibre glass, Water based, Brush (Solvent based), Spray (Solvent based), Manual prep, Powered prep, Chemical paint stripping, Heat paint stripping, White spirit, Glyposate (Weed Killer).

• Also available as P3 & ABEK1 P3



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