4TY - Preventive Safety (EXO IT Solutions GmbH)

4TY - Preventive Safety (EXO IT Solutions GmbH)

Softwarelösung aus der Cloud für effizienten und wirksamen Arbeitsschutz

4TY - Preventive Safety (EXO IT Solutions GmbH)
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Westendstraße 277
80636 München, Germany

4TY Verfügbarkeit 0:00 - 24:00 Uhr
4TY Verfügbarkeit 0:00 - 24:00 Uhr
4TY Verfügbarkeit 0:00 - 24:00 Uhr
4TY Verfügbarkeit 0:00 - 24:00 Uhr
4TY Verfügbarkeit 0:00 - 24:00 Uhr
4TY Verfügbarkeit 0:00 - 24:00 Uhr
4TY Verfügbarkeit 0:00 - 24:00 Uhr
Arbeitssicherheit, Service provider, Software


Our aim is to design a modern software solution which

  • has clear, simple user guidance ("one-click") and intuitive operating elements
  • can be accessed as a Software as a Service ("SaaS") application from anywhere
  • significantly increases efficiency in the relevant work processes
  • facilitates process coordination for all parties involved in occupational safety and health
  • meets the legal requirements for documentation in occupational health and safety and employee protection, as well as those of the DIN 45001 standard
  • supports documented legal certainty for companies and responsible persons

Functional description


With 4TY, the basic master data is provided once, which you can set/change individually for your tasks:

  • User and rights management
  • Client and organisational structure; central texts for the operating instructions including pictograms are stored here
  • Catalogue of hazard
  • Catalogue of measures (text proposals for recurring hazards/measures)
  • Catalogue of personal protective equipment
  • The pictograms proposed in the operating instructions are assigned to these three catalogues
  • Organisational structure and associated user role model



  • Checklists for inspections or surveys
  • These can be used as a basis for derived risk assessments


Inspection and mobile recording

  • Inspection planning
  • Mobile recording of checklists during the inspection (iPad Pro)
  • Deriving of risk assessments based on the checklist responses
  • Inspection protocol



Hazard documentation on the basis of the hazard catalogue

  • Selection of hazard factor, description of the hazard and naming of the responsible office
  • Check for completeness of an assessment of workplace / activity
  • Controlled process draft/ approval with documentation of decision history
  • Resubmission of the assessment after 12 months at the latest


Risk assessment per workplace / activity

  • Assessment per risk factor with
    • Nohl risk matrix (direct or rule-based)
    • Key feature methods for integrated ergonomics assessments
    • Simple assessment via risk number (1-7)
  • Assessment categories in the risk matrix configurable for your company
  • Additional assessment methods for physical strain/ergonomics, noise or own target specifications

Measure planning

  • The target, planning and implementation of measures are documented for each hazard
  • The effectiveness of the measure is predicted in the risk matrix, and the residual risk is documented
  • Dates and persons appointed for execution or initial inspection/supervision are recorded
  • Effectiveness of the measure in the assessment according to status "implemented" in a released risk assessment


Operating instruction

  • The operating instruction is an integral part of the risk assessment
  • Texts of the organisational unit (e.g. responsible company doctor, emergency number) can be stored in the organisation, the hazards and implemented measures are taken from the assessment
  • The operating instruction can be revised individually; the approval of the operating instruction is linked to the approval of the risk assessment


Risk assessment for special or comprehensive assessments ("Plug In")

  • In contrast to the risk assessment workplace / activity, a plug-in assessment does not have to be assessed in all risk categories
  • It is intended for risk assessments valid throughout the company and, if necessary, also for operating instructions; examples of use: Hazardous substance, infection/hygiene
  • These assessments can be used independently (e.g. yellow operating instructions for hazardous substances) or as a "plug-in" as part of a risk assessment for a workplace/activity


Worklist and message control

  • Every appointment relevant to the risk assessment or measure is listed in the worklist of the executing or responsible user
  • The worklist thus provides an overview of all necessary tasks in the context of processing the risk assessment
  • The worklist can also be subscribed to, i.e. the information is compiled and sent in a message to the user's e-mail address.


Personal risk assessment - Maternity Protection Act, Youth Employment Protection Act, rehabilitation / severe disability

  • The special test criteria for the personal risk assessments can be stored centrally at the risk factors.
  • These are used in the concrete risk assessment and a special evaluation is made for the groups of persons
  • This assessment of the risk assessment is subject to a final check and is part of the approval process



Dashboard, Reporting

  • The start page offers the possibility to get a quick picture of the overall situation of one's area of responsibility by means of reports.
  • The reports can be preset in the "Reporting" area


Long-term storage

  • All completed inspection reports, approved risk assessments and their operating instructions are stored in the long-term file
  • Storage is in non-changeable .pdf format
  • The risk assessment includes the evaluations, the measures each with processing history; the personal risk assessments are also listed



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4TY - Preventive Safety (EXO IT Solutions GmbH)
4TY - Preventive Safety (EXO IT Solutions GmbH)