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bardusch GmbH & Co. KG
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76275 Ettlingen , Germany

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Individualisierung, Textilservice, Service provider


Bardusch - a tradition-rich company for 150 years

Since 1871, bardusch has been bringing hygiene and safety to professional textile management. Across Europe, more than 90,000 customers rely on our hygiene-certified textile service. More than 1 million satisfied employees wear our work clothes every day. That's why we pay very close attention to hygiene, quality and comfort.

With bardusch, you can be sure that your personal contact is always close by - at one of our more than 20 bardusch locations throughout Germany or even at your own service office on site. Outside Germany, bardusch is also represented in 5 other European countries. Branches are located in: France, Poland, Switzerland, Spain and Hungary. 

Our product range extends from workwear, corporate fashion, and personal protective equipment, to table, bed and terry linen for the healthcare, catering, and hotel sectors, as well as dirt-trapping mats and washroom hygiene products.


Textiles and workwear - act economically:

Anyone who deals with the complex topic of "textile management in the company" knows how resource-intensive it is. Using our service, we can reduce your workload in this area so that you can concentrate fully on your core tasks. Among other things, we take over for you:


  • Accurate requirements analysis for standard-compliant workwear
  • Complete procurement & financing of your workwear
  • Industry-specific equipment for optimal protection
  • Individual corporate fashion according to CI
  • Comprehensive logistics for punctual collection and delivery
  • Intensive washing and optimum care of workwear
  • Textile service for washroom hygiene, cleaning cloths or logo mats
  • Elaborate data management for efficient cost and time management
  • Barcode insert for precise allocation of employee garments
  • Specially developed compartment lockers for a smooth service


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bardusch GmbH & Co. KG
bardusch GmbH & Co. KG